Sweeper / Last One Standing

Total Wipeout Sweeper Game

The iconic total wipeout game from the television, which has had a recent reboot in 2020. The total wipeout sweeper is a challenge game where the players attempt to stay on their podium, whilst trying to jump over or duck under the arms as they rotate over the inflatable bed. This is a fantastic team building or challenge game, and is a great attention grabber for spectators too. Our last one standing sweeper inflatable is a large show piece inflatable, with netted side, with only one way on or off the inflatable players are safe inside the game enclosure.

The aim of the game is to be the last person standing, avoiding the spinning arms, and staying on your podium after everyone else has been knocked off their platform.

This inflatable game is delivered, installed and operated by our Fun4Events team in a fun & safe manner.

The inflatable sweeper game can be placed on a grassed area or indoors, subject to suitable access and sufficient head height. If 13amp power isn’t available outdoors, we can provide a generator to provide power.

Specifications & Space Required.

  • 13amp power source.
  • Flat grassed surface
  • Up to 8 players per game
  • W – 8m x L 8m x H 2.8m
  • Double Door Access
  • No steps or stairs

To check the availability of the total wipeout sweeper game contact the team at Fun4Events by telephone – 01945 465566 or email your enquiry to info@fun4events.co.uk please include details of your date, venue and duration of the event and we’ll send a written quote as soon as we can!

Fun4Events provide entertainment for family fundays, corporate events, team building events, birthday parties, Weddings & mobile theme park events. Total Wipeout / Sweeper / Last One Standing challenge game is suitable for all outdoor events across the UK.

Fun4Events are based in the East Midlands, just outside of Peterborough. We cover the whole of the UK and have capability to cover events across mainland Europe.

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Last One Standing, Total Wipeout Sweeper Game