Big Red Balls Inflatable Challenge

Big Red Balls Game

Another inflatable game made famous by Total Wipeout. The challenge is to jump, launch, hop your way across the big red balls and get to the other end without falling off. Of course if you do fall off, then unlike the television show, you’re not going to get wet!

One of the more challenging obstacles we own. The Big Red Balls is suitable for people of any age above 8 years old but they must be physically fit. The idea of the game is to jump from the platform then over each big ball until you reach the other side. Sounds simple, but the balls are continually moving, they bounce, they wobble, they move and they basically do everything possible to prevent you from achieving the goal easily!

A fantastic attraction for your outdoor event or family funday, and goes hand in hand with our sweeper / last one standing game, and our Human extreme demolition inflatable challenge. The big red balls are suitable for team building events, family fundays, activity days and they can be used as an additional game which can be added to our corporate sports day team building activity.

This inflatable must be placed on a grassed area and is staked down to prevent movement. Head guards and neck supports are provided for the players to wear whilst on the inflatable.

This activity is supervised by our trained staff at your event.

Team Building Game - Big Red Balls
Big Red Balls Inflatable Game
Wipeout Game - The Big Red Balls Hire

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