Exhibition Game Hire & Exhibition Stand Attractions

Exhibition Game Hire & Trade Show Attraction Hire.

Many of the games and activities can be utilised on exhibition stands and at promotional events, where your main aim is to get attention to your stand or area.  Talk to our team for find out how the games and activities can be used at exhibitions and at promotional events.   If it’s a simple challenge for players to win a promotional item or a competition that’s run over several days, the Fun4Events team can help.  Our games and activities have been used to help facilitate data capture at country shows, to being involved in giving away cruises, cars and other big prizes over the years.

The games and activities that lend themselves to exhibitions and promotional events are featured below.  We’re able to brand our items and activities in various ways, our onsite team are happy to wear your branded clothing too.

Activities and Games that suit Exhibitions, Promotions and Product Launches.

Exhibition Game Hire

Race Seats

Head to Head Race Seats linked together for head to head racing. Available in two or four linked racers. Alternatively for stands where space is at a premium we can offer a single race seat. Top Gear style leaderboards are also available if you wish to run the event as a competition.

Giant Buzz Wire - Beat The Bleep - Exhibition Games Hire

Giant Buzz Wire Hire

A classic game which can be run as a competition at your event. A simple game, which is very frustrating and addictive.

Retro Arcade Games

Our retro arcade games stations have over 500 classic arcade games available.  The footprint of the unit is 600mm wide x 1200mm deep… The games can be limited to just one game, so a competition can run for the duration of your hire.

Selfie Station Photobooth - Compact Photobooth for Exhibition Stands and Trade Show Stands

Selfie Station

With a 600mm x 600mm footprint, our fully automated Selfie Station Photobooth is ideal fo trade show stands & exhibition stands where space is a premium..  The Selfie Station prints off instantly, along with sharing to email, airdrop, imessage & instagram ready posts. On screen branding can be changed to match your colours / logos etc, along with the print designs too.  The Selfie Station can also be used as a video booth.

Exhibition Stand and Magic Selfie Mirror

Magic Selfie Mirror

A great giveaway item, the unit can take just one large photo or a number of photos and offer instant prints which can include your branding.  Coupled with our social media upload facility, which can feature hashtags to help build brand awareness.

Fun Food Cart

Fun Food Cart

The irresistible aroma of freshly popped popcorn and freshly made candy floss are a sure fire way to grab attention.

Exhibition Entertainment - Trade Stand Game - Cash Cube

Cash Grabber / Cash Cube

Also known as a Cash Cube.. The ultimate visual game, Our grab a grand machine is a very visual activity, which always attracts a crowd, and is a brilliant feature which allows you to run a competition on your stand.  The automatic 30 second timer allows for a fair competition to be held, and doesn’t take up too much of your potential customers time.

strike a light reaction game

Strike A Light

A two player table top Batak style game. A short 30 second game allows for quick turnaround of players. Coupled with a scoreboard, you can run a competition through the event. The top panel of the game can be branded with panels affixed to the unit.

Pluck a Duck - Electronic Game - Exhibition Stand

Pluck a Duck

Electronic Hook a Duck Game, a two player game, which also is run again the clock too.

Basketball Challenge

Two Player basketball challenge, a two player game, with 30 seconds to score as many baskets as they can. Coupled with a leaderboard, the game can be run as a competition over the show.

Dance Machine Hire for Trade Shows, Exhibitions and Launch Events.

Dance Machine Hire

Our dance machine is a great little attraction for a stand or launch event. Players compete against each other for the highest score, which can be recoreded on a score board. The dance machine is loaded with a variety of music from the 80’s to present day.

Arcade Prize Crane Hire

Prize Crane Hire

A great attraction and game for a stand. The crane is set as prize every time (unlike the arcade grabbers, but keep that to yourself) so you can choose how many prizes you give away during your event. The prize crane can be branded.