You may wonder why there are no prices published on our website, we don’t do this to be sneaky or hide anything from you, it’s quite simply because there are a number of different factors that we have to figure into a quote.

As one of the leading UK suppliers of fun equipment, we cover events all over the UK and sometimes in Europe too. We think it would be unfair to give a cost, and then you find because of your location or operating times that this is wildly differnet to what was first advertised.

What we can promise is that we will always provide the very best price for you.

Our service ranges from providing a single piece of equipment for a party through to full event management, bookings, liaising and working with a number of suppliers to fulfil your objectives and create amazing events.

It’s easy to get a quote from Fun4Events, just have a nose around our website, and give us a call, place an enquiry or drop an email over and we’ll be happy to send you a quote. It is our company policy to send all quotes via email, so we both have a written record.