Corporate Bingo!

Our corporate bingo package can turn any space into a bingo hall.  Whether it’s for an activity during dinner or something fun for your office or a fun finish to a conference / meeting.  Our professional bingo caller presents a fun, light hearted bingo session with all the bingo lingo and a gold sparkling jacket for good measure too.

Corporate Bingo - Professionally Hosted Bingo Sessions for your Event.

Our corporate bingo package comes with either a traditional bingo blower, which is pictured below or a miniature digital bingo system.  Fun4Events corporate bingo comes fully self-contained with bingo cards, dibbers and dabbers, digital sound system, professional host, background music to set the scene and a whole lot of fun.

Fun is the name of the game, we’ll even invite the boss up to call a game during your corporate bingo session.

Corporate Bingo and Fun Bingo for Events

We can of course offer a larger production with a small stage set including starcloth and glitter curtain backdrop, to give that full on traditional bingo experience (with a little more class!).

Over the past few months, clients have engaged the services of celebrity callers such as Alan Dedicoat (the voice of the balls off the National Lottery) or a character lookalike.

Our bingo package, can be combined with a corporate quiz, race night and of course Rock n Roll bingo too.

Bingo Testimonials

10 out of 10
The bingo really added an extra element of fun to the evening and got the guests warmed up & into the spirit of things. thank you!

Comments from Claire following Corporate Bingo on 12th December 2014.


10 out of 10 -
Great Presentation & Approachable Entertainer, It was better than expected... The feedback that we received from the audience post event was great, and everything was tailored to our needs.
Comments from Chris, following a corporate bingo session 3rd December 2014


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